Vein Patient Testimonials

Video Transcription

>>LEE NEATHERY Prior to coming into Houston VIR, I was dealing with a lot of leg swelling, and ankle throbbing, that always resulted after a long day on my feet. Which was usually from: running, cycling, even working at my retail store for the day.

>>WILLIAM RONNIE I had a blood clot between my knee cap, or behind my knee cap 20 some odd years ago. And it was just getting, the swelling was getting worse. And the leg was getting darker. And I also had a problem with varicose veins in my right leg.

>>DIANNA CARTER My legs have had severe swelling, I mean they were so big at times it hurt to stand, walk, do anything. I couldn’t climb stairs.

>>ELLEN SEDITA And I came in here to get rid of the little spider veins that aggravate every woman when she’s wanting to look good. But I also did say that I was having some feelings coming back with the heaviness and the pain and the cramping and things like that.

>>DR. JOHN CLEMMONS I had developed some increased swelling and discomfort in my low extremities particularly my right leg.

>>LEE NEATHERY I came in initially to Houston VIR via recommendation of a long term doctor and friend of mine who was highly insistent that I see a vascular surgeon and her recommendation was doctor Doe and his team.

>>DR. JOHN CLEMMONS The reputation in terms of their ability to take care of this particular type of problem was aware in the medical community with that I thought this was the place for me to come.

>>WILLIAM RONNIE The people here at Houston VIR are great, very accommodating, very concerned about how I felt, did I feel comfortable going through what I was going to go through.

>>ELLEN SEDITA What can I say? From the time you go in the door, to the first time you have your blood pressure taken, every one of the staff members here are very professional very friendly they treat you like your family.

>>LEE NEATHERY I visited with some nurses and then the two doctors who explained to me after examining me what was going on with my legs what I was experiencing and why and what options I had to fix it and fix it early on instead of later on before the symptoms got worse.

>>DR. JOHN CLEMMONS Everybody here is very professional I was taken care of very expeditiously and good results.

>>WILLIAM RONNIE Before having the procedure I had a lot of swelling in my leg a lot of discoloration since I’ve had the procedure the swelling had gone down considerably.

>>DIANNA CARTER Immediately after the first procedure both the swelling went down in both my legs which was just awesome I could walk. It just felt wonderful after the first one.

>>LEE NEATHERY And what I’ve noticed more is as each week passes and I’m going into my fourth month of recovery its I am practically symptomless after I did a 96 mile bike ride last Saturday and had absolutely no symptoms no swelling no throbbing which was the first time in at least 7 or 8 years.

>>DR. JOHN CLEMMONS Well I had significant swelling in my lower extremities and also a breakdown of my skin with ulcerations and those are healing very nicely.

>>DIANNA CARTER I would recommend anybody my friends my family anybody I saw on the street if I thought it would help them.

>>ELLEN SEDITA Its given me everything, it’s given me my personal life back, it’s given me my life back with my grandchildren.

>>LEE NEATHERY It’s worth coming in if you’ve ever had any experience with leg swelling throbbing, come in, have an examination done, the results are amazing, the procedures are easy, and there’s no reason to put it off you might as well enjoy what you like to do outside and being active.